Chair Holder

Daniele Gallo is Jean Monnet Chair (PRACT JM Chair on Understanding EU Law in Practice: EU Rights in Action before Courts, 2021-2023), Full Professor of EU Law (Professore ordinario di diritto dell’Unione europea) at the Law Department of Luiss University, and Fellow at the University of Lisbon.

He has been Professeur invité at Université des Antilles (Pointe-à-Pitre) in 2023, Professeur invité at Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris) in 2017-2019, Recurring Adjunct Professor of EU Law at the School of Law of American University (Washington DC) in 2016-2019, Professor invitado at Universidad de La Habana in 2017, Professeur invité at Université Capitole de Toulouse in 2015, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven) in 2014, European Union Fulbright Schuman Scholar at Fordham Law School (New York) in 2010-2011, DAAD Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Public International Law and Comparative Law (Heidelberg) in 2009-2010, and Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence) in 2008-2009.

He is, inter alia, the Rector’s Advisor for the European Universities Alliance Engage.EU, Director of the dual degrees program at the Law Department with 15 foreign universities, Co-Director of the MA in International, Comparative and EU Law (ICEUL), Co-Director of the LLM in European Law and Policies (MELP), and a member of the Ph.D. Faculty.

As a legal advisor he acted in 2013 for the Global Reporting Initiative, in 2015 for the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, in 2017 for the European Food Security Agency, in 2019 for the Region Valle d’Aosta, and in 2021 for the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

He is author of three monographs: 1) I servizi di interesse economico generale. Stato, Mercato e Welfare nel diritto dell’Unione europea, Giuffrè, Milan, 2010, 860 pp., reviewed in Common Market Law Review, Legal Issues of Economic Integration, Revue du Droit de l’Union européenne, Rivista trimestrale di diritto pubblico, Diritto comunitario e degli scambi internazionali; 2) L’efficacia diretta del diritto dell’Unione europea negli ordinamenti nazionali. Evoluzione di una dottrina ancora controversa, Giuffrè, Milan, 2018, 550 pp., reviewed in Revue trimestrielle de droit européenRevista de Derecho Comunitario Europeo and Rivista di Diritti Comparati; 3) Public Services and EU Competition Law. The Social Market Economy in Action, Routledge-Giappichelli, London-Turin, 2021, 160 pp.

He is also author of over 100 contributions featured in various edited books and law journals/yearbooks, such as, amongst others, European Law Open, Review of European Administrative Law, European Public Law, European Law Journal, European Papers, European Business Law Review, Fordham International Law Journal, American University International Law ReviewInternational Organizations Law Review, European Journal of Social Law, Annuaire de droit de l’Union européenne, Revue des affaires européennes and Revue du Droit de l’Union européenne, in addition to several Italian law journals (Il Diritto dell’Unione europea, Studi sull’integrazione europeaDiritto del commercio internazionale, Rivista italiana di diritto pubblico comunitario, Diritti umani e diritto internazionale, Osservatorio sulle fonti, Quaderni Costituzionali, etc.).

He is co-editor of a book on Same-Sex Couples before National, Supranational and International Jurisdictions (Springer, Berlin, 2014, Foreword by G. de Burca, 572 pp.), reviewed in International Journal of Constitutional Law, Revue critique de droit international privé, Italian Yearbook of International LawStudi sull’integrazione europea, Diritto Pubblico, co-editor of a special section on Re-connecting Authority and Democratic Legitimacy in the EU (European Papers, 1, 2020), co-editor of a book on Italian Judges and Advocates General Shaping European Law, forthcoming (Hart, Oxford, Series ‘EU Law in the Member States’ edited by J. Adams-Prassl and M. Bobek, forthcoming), as well as of two special issues, one on The Italian Dual Preliminarity Technique, Today (2023, Italian Journal of Public Law) and another on Article 267 TFEU, Today (2023, European Journal of Legal Studies, forthcoming).

He is currently working on “Direct Effect and the Nature of EU Law” (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2023, Series ‘Oxford European Union Law Library’ edited by P. Eeckout and R. Schuetze).

Attorney-at-Law, member of the Rome Bar, admitted to practice before highest courts in Italy, he is Of Counsel at Studio Zoppini e Associati and has pleaded before national jurisdictions, the European Court of Human Rights, the UNIDROIT Administrative Tribunal, the ILO Administrative Tribunal, the CJEU, and the European Commission.


Publications (most of) are available on Academia.